What the opportunity means to me

Firstly I want to thank the YES intern progrma as well as the Quebar company that hired me as an internfor this great opportunity. Personally this opened my eyes before I started working at Quebar. As an intern I was focused on completing my diploma in electrical engineering, but this program exposed me to so many careers in construction.

  • I learned about civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • The importance of occupational health and safety
  • Responsibilities of an employee on site


I try my best to learn from all these people I work with and I’ve learned everyone has their own weight to carry. Nobody’s work is heavier than the next person’s. I always ad this perception that field workers work harder than your office personnel, until I saw the work load.

So we get new views on certain things everyday and because of this, the work environment is more friendly, making it easier to go to work.

  • on the app we learn study methods
  • new ways to communicate with each other
  • learn to assist each other as well as share knowledge and experiences

How this appointment as an intern will professionally assist me in the following ways:

I have gained practical experience I can proudly say I have some meter and pole box connections which can only be an advantage to me in the future, got to work with company’s line construction team which was the most amazing experience. I feel line construction is where it all starts.

I fin myself wondering about safety procedures so I sometimes talk to our safety officer just to learn something new, considering to change careers.

Knowing a bit of everything in construction only equals growth.

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